Data driven Social Media strategy

What is data?

These are raw facts gathered from almost anywhere which gives us accountability.

Data Analytics

It is a process of systematically applying statistical or logical techniques to illustrate and evaluate data.

Terminology of Analytics

Impressions, Reach, Engagement, CTR, Bounce rate, Organic, Paid etc.,

Analyze data helps us to know:

-When should we post?

-Should we include media?

-What platform should we use?

-What call to action should we use?

-What keywords should we use?

-How much can we spend and how much will we make?

Risks of Data analysis:

-A bad user experience

-Spending too much

-Not learning from previous mistakes

Benefits of data-driven social media marketing:

Identifying the right audience
Finding the right social media platforms
Improving social campaigns, their effectiveness and reach
Bench marking against your competitors

Tools to analyze data:

1. The Brand Grader is a free online reputation assessment tool, gives you a quick snapshot of how any brand performs online.

2. Mention lets you track social media mentions of your brand and your competitors, and see important metrics like brand reach and sentiment in easy to understand graphs.

3. Kissmetrics lets you know the journey your website visitors take, including where they came from.

4. Bitly OneView gives you a entire view of how your content is performing across how each channel, platform, or device.

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